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Brian Asha, Recording Artist, stands in front of a guitar mural in Toronto.

Brian Asha is a Canadian recording artist and music producer. His diverse recordings feature sounds in dance music, alt rock and retro pop; delivered with his unique, smokey vocal style. As a DJ he is known for his eclectic playlists that create a perfect vibe for discerning music fans.

Biography | About Brian Asha

In the 1980s, Brian Asha was part of the alternative music scene centered around Queen Street West in Toronto that produced Cowboy Junkies, Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies and more recently Broken Social Scene and Metric.

At 18, he started playing in local bands, working as a promoter and DJ for nightclubs and on local radio. Pretty soon he turned his talent to producing indie music videos for Canada's new video music station MuchMusic. 

One day, he saw a Teac 4-Track and an 808 drum machine in a music store window. He took them home and started experimenting. Two weeks later he released his first cassette single "MX Missiles Under Attack". It went top ten on local college radio.

Brian spent his childhood in Africa and the UK, so it was only natural that his sound fused rock, reggae, and dance music. Check out his 1986 single, "Liquid Soul Explosion," on YouTube. Turns out, being ahead of the curve was his thing.


In the 90's, Brian Asha helped pioneer Canada's underground rave scene in Toronto and Montreal, one of the biggest in North America. His DJ cooperative, House of Euphoria was profiled in Canadian media and on CNN as part of the emerging cyberpunk movement. 

An early adopter of digital media, Brian was quick to champion the potential of the internet. For his work in Montreal in the 90s, Brian is recognized as a Canadian internet pioneer. 


Since that time, Brian ​has worked extensively in online media as a Creative Director and media producer under his professional name, E. Brian Johnson. He took a start-up public on the ASX in 2016.

In 2020, Brian co-wrote the Little Wonders Playbook with Silicon Valley performance coach Angie DeGeronimo. Together, they founded House Of Little Wonders, a personal growth travel company. 

Putting Little Wonders' mission into action, Brian revamped his life in Vancouver and today pursues his twin passions of travel and music. In 2024, he started a collaboration with Philip Larsen, a Grammy award-winning music producer whose credits include Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, and Soft Cell.

In his 60th year, Brian's ability to reinvent himself reminds us it's always possible to embrace your passion, pursue your dreams and create a fulfilling life on your own terms.

"Think big, start small.
Do more of what makes you happy."

- Brian Asha -


Recording artist Brian Asha stands in front of a mural in Kensinton Market, Toronto.

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Brian Asha | Beautiful (It's You) EP

Brian Asha | Retro Pop Mix

Brian Asha | Club Mix

Brian Asha | Best Of 80's & 90's 

Recording Artist Brian Asha One Star Falls Cover Art

Cover art for "One Star Falls". Photo credit: Robin Hall

Recording Artist Brian Asha's first band The Upsetters Rossall School 1979

Brian's first band The Upsetters at Rossall School, about 1979.

Rockabilly Brian Asha plays the saxophone.

Rockabilly Brian on sax - about 1982.

Recording Artist Brian Asha on Queen Street West Toronto 1980s

Buying records on Queen Street West, Toronto in the mid 1980s.

Recording Artist Brian Asha gig poster for King Culture

Early gig poster for King Culture with Donovan Black, mid 1980s.

Recording Artist Brian Asha in Montreal late 1980's

Attempting dreamy. Publicity shot, Montreal, late 1980s.

Recording Artist Brian Asha Gig Poster 1990's

Artwork for gig poster - mid 1990s.

Recording Artist Brian Asha in Studio Morin Heights - mid 1990's

At Studio Morin Heights, Quebec, recording Lady Queen Street, 1998.

Recording artist Brian Asha and Silver Machine live show  - Toronto

Rocking the house in Toronto with Silver Machine.

Recording artist Brian Asha plays piano for friends in Montreal in 1998

Playing piano for Lina in Montreal, 1998.

Recording artist Brian Asha publicity shot for She's My Ride single release.

Publicity shot for She's My Ride, 2010.

Recording artist Brian Asha live in stage with Silver Machine

On stage with Allister Thompson and Craig Collett of Silver Machine, Toronto, 2012.

Brian Asha performs at Elvis Monday at the Drake Hotel

Performing with Silver Machine at The Drake Hotel, Toronto.

Brian Asha backstage with Donovan Black with Sven and DJ Rude in 2010

Reunited backstage with Donovan Black, Sven and DJ Rude, after a show in Toronto, 2010.

Recording artist Brian Asha in undated publicity shot

Listening to studio playback, Toronto, 2014.

Brian Asha sings I'm a Man Live in Toronto

Performing I'm A Man with friends on stage, Toronto in 2013.

Brian Asha with Melodic Yoza

After the show with Melodic Yoza, Toronto.

Recording artist Brian Asha with Jordan Perry in the studio

Studio Selfie! Recording "One Star Falls" with Jordan Perry at the controls, Vancouver 2017.

DJ Brian Asha in White Rock, BC

DJ Brian Asha spins reggae for life!

Recording artist Brian Asha in Mexico

Chillin' like a villain... Mexico 2023.


Recording artist Brian Asha sings at the Drake Hotel, Toronto.


New music and classic tracks on Brian Asha's Facebook.

Recording artist Brian Asha "I'm A Man" headshot.


Find more music and video's on Brian Asha's YouTube channel.

Musican Brian Asha plays the saxophone.


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DJ Brian Asha Reggae For Life

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