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Brian Asha is a vocalist, songwriter and music producer now based in Vancouver, Canada. His newest recordings feature sounds in electronic dance music, alt rock and retro pop; delivered with his unique, intimate vocal style. As a DJ he is known for his diverse playlists that create the perfect vibe for the best nightclubs, lounges and special events.  

Raised in East Africa, Brian Asha moved to Toronto in the 80's and quickly became part of the alternative music scene on Queen Street West. 

Brian's neighbour in Toronto was Jamaican-born Donovan Black, drummer for UK reggae stars Twinkle Brothers and  Toronto's Messenjah. Together they recorded as King Culture, creating a fusion of rock, reggae and electronic dance music.

In the 90's, he helped pioneer Canada’s underground rave scene in Toronto and Montreal with House of Euphoria, a DJ cooperative, fusing sexy performance art and dance music.

Brian made the EP Supernova at Canada's legendary studio Morin Heights, working with producer Nicolas Miranda and singer Pascale Coulombe of Montreal's COMA. The sessions produced Lady Queen Street and Super Nova, signalling a grittier rock sound. 

Since then Brian has worked extensively in online media. He is a Canadian internet pioneer. Today, he is an author,  creative director and media producer. He was an early champion of New Leaf Project, an innovative program that helps people who are homeless in Vancouver. 


Brian continues to DJ and write and release new music, partnering in recent years with Karl Mohr of Tape Life Records, Montreal producer Jordan Perry and Vancouver's Jake Millions.


His newest recordings feature sounds in dance music, alternative rock and retro pop and are available wherever you listen to music.



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Brian Asha | Beautiful (It's You) EP

Brian Asha | Retro Pop Mix

Brian Asha | Club Mix

Brian Asha | Best Of 80's & 90's 





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